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About Zombie Makeout Club

Hello, I’m Peter, the owner, designer, artist, and only human behind Zombie Makeout Club (there are two cats on the team however). After working in comics and mobile games for family friendly brands such as Disney and Zynga, I left the world of corporate art to design something completely on my own. I wanted a place where I could fully unleash my creativity, unbound to managers with business degrees and where I could fully embrace my love of manga and anime. The result of this desire is Zombie Makeout Club.


Since I worked in my city’s public library, back in high school, I’ve been obsessed with manga. This was back in 2001, so the library’s manga section was really just one shelf. That shelf had the entire 6 volumes of Akira though, and that’s what matters. I hadn’t been allowed to have comics growing up, so seeing the mature story and graphic violence of Akira completely blew my mind. That’s when I recognized that art could be a sanctuary for total creative freedom. 


Ever since that time, I’ve absorbed so many amazing manga; MPD Psycho (my personal favorite), Gantz, Death Note, Blame!, Dorohedoro, and more recently Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen. I’ve also fallen in love with Japanese movies and games that follow a similar rebellious, punk mentality. Movies like Tetsuo the Iron Man, Rubber’s Lover, Tokyo Gore Police, and Suicide Club have inspired me to create with less of a plan and more out of kinetic energy and passion. While games such as Killer 7, the SIlver Case, and No More Heroes, all by Suda 51, have taught me that it’s okay to create outside of any preconceived rulebook.


I’ve been fortunate enough to partner my art with brands such as Hot Topic, FYE, HMV, and Mighty Jaxx. While also having my art and clothing appear on multiple popular Netflix shows and at the When We Were Young festival. I’ve been able to release multiple volumes of my manga with Ablaze comics. It’s been wild to see Zombie Makeout Club grow and evolve and I am so appreciative of all the love and support of anyone who’s followed me along the way.